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About Harker Heights

The beautiful community of Harker Heights is located in Bell County, Texas just four miles southeast of Killeen and only 50 miles north of Austin. The city is located close to Fort Hood and is included in the Killeen - Temple metro area. Currently, Harker Heights is home to more than 30,000 residents. Many of the city's residents commute to Fort Hood or the nearby city of Killeen for work.

The city, incorporated in 1960, was named in honor of Harley Kern. Kern was one of the city's town original founders. Today, the city's nearly 10,000 households live an enviable life with easy access to great schools, fantastic parks, and ample outdoor recreation.

Harker Heights History

Long before the days of European settlement in the United States, the area, that is today known as Harker Heights, was settled by tribes such as the Comanche. Today, remnants of the early Native American settles can still be seen. Roads within the city, such as Comanche Gap Road, were once tribal trails to natural land features long before the settlement of the western United States.

However, despite the area's deep roots, the modern history of the city only goes back to 1950. Demand for homes in the Killen - Temple - Fort Hood Metropolitan Area greatly increased in 1950 when Fort Hood was designated as a permanent military facility. The growth of Fort Hood and the surrounding area prompted Pinckney R. Cox and Harley Kern, two area hog farmers, to sell lots of land near the Killeen city limits in 1957.

Within the three years, between 600 and 700 lots were sold and developed. The area flourished, and by 1960, the city was incorporated as Harker Heights. Pinckney R. Cox, one of the city's founders, became the first mayor. Additionally, Kern's death before the incorporation inspired the city's leaders to name the new town in honor of the Harley Kern.

Throughout the years, the city's boundaries have expanded to include Comanche Hills, Forest Hills, and Highland Oaks. In 1988 the city was annexed into the Comanche Hills Utility District. Today, the city is a vital part of the Killeen - Temple - Fort Hood Metropolitan Area.

Life In Harker Heights

The city of Harker Heights offers a variety of exciting recreational opportunities to all its more than 30,000 residents. The city's ample open space and gorgeous green parks, offer residents a place to unwind and relax as well as a multitude of recreational activities. Parks, such as the Carl Levin City Park, the Purser Family Park, and Kern Park, offer an array of amenities for those of all ages and abilities.

Residents of Harker Heights enjoy sports, fitness classes, and recreational programs to fit a variety of interests and lifestyles. Additionally, the areas of Dana Peak and Stillhouse Hollow Lake are able to provide residents of Harker Heights scenic locations perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, picnicking, and swimming.

Harker Heights residents are also able to enjoy rousing games of gold at either the Course of Clear Creek or the nearby Killeen Municipal Golf Course. The city's ample opportunities for recreation and convenient location make Harker Heights a great place to call home.

Attractions The city of Harker Heights is brimming with a diverse array of exciting attractions and activities. One of Harker Heights greatest attractions is Stillhouse Hollow Lake. The lake, built by the US Army Corps of Engineers, maintains some of the cleanest water in the State of Texas. Today, Stillhouse Lake provides area residents with an excellent resource for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, picnicking, and swimming.

Additionally, the US Army Corps also maintains two fantastic parks on Stillhouse Lake. Dana Peak Park and Union Grove offer residents greater access to the area surrounding the clean waters of Stillhouse Lake. In town, residents are able an exciting range of activities that include shopping, dining, visits to wineries, visits to museums and More

More Attractions
  • - 1st Cavalry Division Museum
  • - Chalk Ridge Falls
  • - Earle-Harrison House & Gardens
  • - Mother Neff State Park

  • Parks and Recreation

    The city of Harker Heights offers a fantastic range of parks and recreational facilities. Residents of Harker Heights are fortunate to live in a community with so much to offer residents of all ages.

    Parks And recreational Areas
  • - Carl Levin City Park
  • - Purser Family Park
  • - Kern Park
  • - Cardinal Greenspace
  • - Skipcha Park
  • - Summit Soccer Complex
  • - Booker Greenspace
  • - Sprint Park
  • - Dana Peak
  • - Stillhouse Hollow Lake

  • Events Throughout the year, Harker Heights is host to a number of outstanding community events. From seasonal events to celebrations of food and wine, the Harker Heights are always able find a reason to celebrate together. Favorite community events include the Harker Heights Food, Wine and Brew Festival and the Annual Frost Fest.

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